Our Goals

 Core Values

We shall be guided by the following fundamental beliefs and values:

  1. Client centred: The client remains our focus on all decision making
  2. Professionalism: We uphold the highest standards and professional ethics as a basis of ensuring our clients get the best possible quality services.
  3. Teamwork: We endeavor to promote team spirit and at the same time seek to reward individual effort.
  4. Integrity: We uphold honesty and adhere to moral and ethical principles
  5. Environment Friendliness: We endeavor to provide a physical and social environment. We encourage our stakeholders to support us in this effort by conducting themselves in an environmentally responsible way.
  6. Equity and Patriotism: We strive to ensure our services are within reach of different socioeconomic segments of the population and seek to deliver equitable health benefits in line with our national philosophy.
  7. Innovation: In our quest for provision of quality health care, we endeavor to develop new ideas and technology through promotion of creativity and learning.

Key Strategic Choices

To consolidate its mandate as a national referral and teaching hospital and realize its vision and mission, JOOTRH will implement a set of priority activities organized around seven key strategic options in the period set in this strategic plan (2011-2016), as follows:

1. Clinical service improvement


  • JOOTRH’s core business is to render highly specialized clinical services. Currently the facility is operating at below 60 percent due to inadequate infrastructure, supply stock-outs and shortages of trained personnel and appropriate equipment.
  • As a referral and teaching hospital, we aim at improving clinical services through improved preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative services. In this plan, the hospital aims to introduce specialized clinical services in the urology, oncology, and burns units, and to improve pharmaceutical supplies.2. Development of physical infrastructure
  • Adequate and appropriate physical facilities are a key prerequisite for smooth and efficient service delivery in a hospital. The current state of the physical facilities in JOOTRH is insufficient due to the existence of an old, dilapidated infrastructure and as a result of a slow expansion that has not kept pace with increasing user demands. Therefore, there is a need to provide, improve and maintain the hospital infrastructure to ensure safe, comfortable, attractive and adequately equipped facilities. This is necessary for effective and efficient operations and, ultimately, user/client satisfaction.
    3. Financial sustainability and resource mobilization


  • The main sources of revenue for the hospital have been the central government ministerial allocation and cost sharing funds. Annually, the hospital receives approximately Kshs. 20 million from the government and generates an additional Kshs. 160 million through cost sharing. Donor support in the areas of HIV/AIDS and human resource has improved our performance. The cost sharing potential has improved after computerization of outpatient services and a review of charges.4. Human resource development
  • The development of human capital remains central to the achievement of JOOTRH’s goals. Improvement of efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery is highly dependent on the availability of an adequate, competent and motivated workforce5. Quality assurance
  • Quality assurance seeks to ensure sustained provision of services in line with accepted quality and standards as set by the Ministry responsible for Health, international organizations and other industry benchmarks.6. Institutional development
  • The ability of JOOTRH to grow into a recognized health service provider in the region in the manner described in the vision statement is dependent on the hospital putting in place the necessary institutional arrangements to support policy implementation and ensure compliance with set standards.7. Privatization and partnerships
  • Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital (JOOTRH) recognizes the enormous challenges it faces in addressing both the internal weakness and external threats in its operating environment. To overcome these challenges, the hospital will seek to engage partners in the private and voluntary sector with a view to enhance synergy and maximum impact and return on investment.